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HTC drops Vive to $499, opens preorders for $799 Vive Pro headset
2018-03-19T13:00:05Z - Adi Robertson / The Verge
HTC says it will charge $799 for its new, higher-resolution Vive Pro virtual reality headset — and we mean, literally, just the headset. Meanwhile, the current Vive system will drop to $499, cutting $100 off the current price. Anyone who purchases a Vive Pro by June 3rd will get six free months of HTC’s Viveport subscription service, and a price for a full Vive Pro kit will be announced sometime in the future. The Vive Pro was announced early this year at CES, marking the first major upgrade to the Vive since its launch in 2016. (You can get a wireless adapter for the Vive or Vive Pro, but they still require a PC to work.)

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