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2018-09-22T14:22:42.1237254Z - manatlan / Hacker News
vbuild"Compile" your VUEJS component (*.vue) to standalone html/js/css ... python only (no need of nodejs). BTW it provides a js-minimizer (es2015 compliant code)It's just an utility to extract HTML(template), SCRIPT and STYLE from a VUE/SFC component (*.vue). It's PURE python (py2 & py3 compatible), no nodejs ! It's up to you to create your generator, to extract the things, and create your "index.html" file. It's a 5 lines of python code; example:import vbuild,glob r = sum ([vbuild.VBuild(i) for i in glob.glob( " *.vue " ) + glob.glob( " */*.vue " ))) buf=readYourTemplate( " index.tpl " ) # should contains a tag "" that would be substitued buf=buf.replace( " " , str (r)) writeYourTemplate( " index.html " ,buf)Hope it could help ...TODO:

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